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What the Translators said about the Seminar

It is difficult to believe that this was the first Dublin Writer's seminar ever organized by ILE ... everything was very well organized and it was very interesting to hear all this exchange of opinions between writers and translators. The lectures on archives and copyright matters were also very good.


Very informative; flawlessly organised. Extremely useful in that it gave us a good insight into the Irish literary scene, Irish social life and ways of being. Helped establish useful contacts with other European translators; enabled exchange of ideas; created an atmosphere of friendliness and trust among different nationalities and the ILE people as well.


Prof. Declan Kiberd's lecture was not only an enlightening but at the same time a most amusing introduction to Irish history, literature and character. No amount of reading could give so much knowledge as that I gained during his wonderful talk. In the future his book will serve me as a reference.


Having worked as a rights manager for various publishing houses and coming across numerous copyright problems as a translator, I cannot underrate the importance of the talk on this matter. [...] The lecture on the photographic archives was of a special interest for me, as many a times an old photograph solved a translation problem which a dictionary could not. It also gave me an idea of using photographs for future book covers.


In the opinion of all the invited translators the amount of work put into organizing this event, helpfulness and kindness was amazing. The scale 0-5 is just too small to rate it.


The writers' voices without any intrusion at all have reached our ears and hearts. Once and for all their presence filled any possible gaps that could have prevented a true understanding of their works. Thank you again for this most wonderful opportunity of a lifetime.


Is there a Declan Kiberd fan club?

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