About us

Greeting to all my readers and site visitors and welcome to irelandliterature.com!

My name is Tim Korrs, I’m originally from Ireland and I’m a book aficionado. I recently moved to Miami to pursue my master’s degree in Behavioral Science.

While in the process of completing the requirements for my graduate studies, I initiated this blog to share my passion for books and different related concepts.

I believe that there are only two ways to gain wisdom in life so we can manage our relationships well; the first one is through experience and the second is by way of reading books.

I have identified several concepts about relationships and have specifically-chosen a suitable book that clearly describes each one. I hope that you can spare some time to read that one particular book which best describes the current state of your relationship. 

Again, I’m sending out to you my sincere gratitude for taking the time to read and visit my site.