Polyamorous Relationship Book

Book Recommendation: The Polyamory Toolkit: A Guide to Polyamorous Relationships by Dan Williams

The Polyamory Toolkit book

Book Excerpts:

I knew one key thing that would need to be different – I would not give up who I am just because I am in love with someone. Our foundation would be built on mutual love, respect, compassion, but also around being ourselves. So, being me, whatever the authentic ‘me’ is, and any relationship I am in would have to allow me to pursue that ‘me’.”

I believed myself to be polyamorous. All I knew is that I didn’t want to be denied the experience of intimacy with others just because I was married. I had only had sex with one other person consensually and I just couldn’t imagine that I’d never had a chance to experiment with others or love others, or flirt with others, ever, because I was married.”

What is a Polyamorous Relationship?

A polyamorous Relationship is a modern type of relationship that is non-monogamous. It is not the same as any conventional relationship because multiple people are involved and not just two. The practice is referred to as polyamory and it’s based on consent and mutual agreements.

How We Can Relate:

People have different ways of expressing love to their partner and each relationship is unique in its own terms. This is the reason why polyamory or the ability to have a relationship with more than one partner has become a widespread topic of interest among the millennial generation. 

If we’ll dig deeper into my chosen book excerpts, we would understand that polyamory can be viewed from various perspectives and can be practiced differently depending on how you want your consensual relationships to work out.

For some, a polyamorous relationship means being in a relationship with multiple people but having one primary partner. For others, it is the practice of being in two uniquely separate relationships. 

The fundamental philosophy behind polyamory is that sexual love should not be confined within the structures of monogamy but rather should be expressed freely and to its fullest extent. Another element of a polyamorous relationship is that both parties must know and be aware of each other’s lovers.

How Polyamorous Relationships Work

Since polyamorous relationships don’t follow the conventional norms of the societal construct of a romantic relationship, the requirements can be quite confusing for those who try to understand the rules.

In order for such a relationship to work out successfully, every single person involved must be open, aware, and honest about what they want and what they need from the setup. 

Apparently, the boundaries in polyamory differ significantly from that of monogamous relationships. However, they do exist. For instance, all parties involved can define who can enter into the relationship and implement limits on how much time can be spent with every partner. 

The most challenging aspect of a polyamorous relationship is managing jealousy. Therefore, practicing open communication between all parties involved is an essential part of the relationship in order to avoid unwanted issues and to manage all conflicts.