Toxic Relationship Book

Book Recommendation: Toxic Relationships: How to Identify an Unhealthy Relationship and Take Action to Repair It or Free Yourself by Devin Walters

Book Excerpt:

Whatever it is that you may call your relationship with another person, it goes without saying that it must be one that works. It has to be the kind that makes you both happy and helps you grow as an individual. As you’ve probably experienced yourself, not all the people you’ve had relationships with were good for you.

Some can be mildly irritating while others are just unbearable that they begin to weigh down on your self-esteem. When not dealt with properly and immediately, they will begin to affect your daily life and even impact on how you relate with other people in your life.” 

How we can relate:

Toxic relationships advice

Toxic Relationships are quite hard to identify because in most cases, only the two people involved can sense that something’s not right in their relationship. The pain and agony are sometimes not discussed and are often clouded by fear and uncertainty.

There are several behaviors that apparently cross the line and can be described as abusive physically, verbally, emotionally, and even financially. Some signs appear in subtle forms but when ignored, these can escalate into something that’s more complicated.

According to this excerpt from my recommended book on toxic relationships, every relationship has a certain level of toxicity because in reality; nothing and no one is perfect.

There is always something that needs to be done, worked out, or improved in every relationship. However, when the toxicity goes out of hand, that’s when things become problematic. If you don’t feel safe, at ease, or happy anymore, it’s about time to make your assessments whether to go on or to give up on the relationship.

Top 8 Signs That You’re in a Toxic Relationship

  1. You feel physically and emotionally drained around your partner.
  2. Your partner controls your every move and decisions.
  3. Constant exchange of hurtful words and lack of respect.
  4. Physical and mental abuse with threatening behavior.
  5. Baseless and constant jealousy.
  6. Lack of personal space and boundaries.
  7. Your partner is a pathological liar who engages in secret affairs.
  8. You don’t feel happy and inspired anymore.